Specialised Imaging Solutions



The MuVi-SPIM provides four simultaneous orthogonal views on large living specimens without the need for sample rotation. This avoids shadowing effects and facilitates long-term imaging at dramatically increased acquisition speed. The modular software concept allows the flexible design of complex experimental layouts.
  • 3D imaging of large specimen with light-sheet illumination
  • Gentle sample handling and low photo-toxicity
  • Highly sensitive and fast imaging

  • Latest sCMOS camera technology and optimized combinations of objective lenses enable you to obtain the best from your sample: data you always wanted but could never get.
  • Large field of view
  • Close-to-confocal resolution
  • Very high imaging speed
  • Highest sensitivity and minimal noise


Dedicated to live imaging, the Luxendo InVi-SPIM is a microscope that is optimized for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens. Easy access to the sample chamber, maximized photon efficiency, and short illumination times, enable long-term imaging under ideal environmental conditions. The optical performance combined with the fast acquisition speed of the InVi-SPIM generates perfect image data for:

  • 3D reconstructionion
  • 5D/6D analysis
  • Tracking of cellular and subcellular positions and events
  • Morphological analysis

  • The InVi-SPIM is perfectly suited for in toto imaging of a huge variety of specimens, especially if they are sensitive, or need precisely controlled conditions. The application spectrum includes:

  • Small animal and embryo models
  • Imaging of dynamic processes in mammalian cell culture models
  • Live imaging of intact and living plant

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