Binding Affinity Protein Stability

Monolith NT.115

Reduce your overall development time by measuring binding affinity in minutes. Get accurate Kd results in minutes using very little sample.

Standard Features

  • Capture measurements in minutes not hours or even days. Collect more information and make better decisions on what to do next, sooner.
  • Easily measure binding interactions between molecules of different sizes, molecular weights or pM to mM binding affinities.
  • Generating sample is already hard enough and using it all up for analysis is heartbreaking. Get Kd values with just a tiny amount of sample.
  • Saving a bit of time here and there adds up so the less time prepping samples, the better. Analyze samples in any buffer or bioliquid and in close-to-native conditions. OH, and purification or immobilization isn't needed either.
  • Feedback is immediate and doesn't take days or weeks to get up and running—this makes optimizing assays so much easier.
  • Running into a roadblock? Get results even when other methods don't work.