Atomic Force Microscopy


The AFM in SEM from nano analytik GmbH is not only used for imaging, but can be employed for metrology as well. For this purpose, we are offering a compact AFM system, applicable in any SEM without chamber modification for micro manipulation and metrology scanning. The naB73 scanner is a non-magnetic, closed loop XYZ nanopositioner with 60 μm x 60 μm x 20 μm range of motion (Position noise (nm): x, y = 0.4; z = 0.2) and extremely low out-of-plane motion. It has a high resonant frequency in x, y of 750 Hz and z of 2000 Hz. It is designed for spaceconstrained applications that require high precision positioning. Furthermore, the specially developed 3-axes cantilever head-positioning system is offering motion capabilities in the range of 18 mm in X, Y and 10 mm in Z with a closed loop accuracy of < 5 nm and a closed loop repeatability of +/- 25 nm.nano analytik GmbH employs self-transduced and self-sensed (2DEG read-out) cantilevers in SEM, which meet the following criteria: (I) low spring constant (low longitudinal stiffness), (II) high resonance frequency, (III) high quality factor of the cantilever, (IV) high lateral spring constant (high transversal stiffness), arranged for electronic read-out actuation and conductive tip ensures that no electric charging can occur. .

Standard Features

  • Capable to work in vacuum and air, no operational dead-time
  • Compact form factor of (L x W x H): 110 x 70 x 45 mm
  • SmartProbe with integrated readout and actuation
  • Allows shortest distances between detector and sample in SEM, FIB-SEM, and EPMA
  • Closed loop configuration, fast closed loop imaging, drift, creep and hysteresis correction employing low noise, capacitive sensors.