Surface Tension & Foam Analysis

Teclis Foam analyzers

Foam comes in two variety-foam people those who want foam and those who don't! After years of working with customers on different problems, Teclis has developed a range of instruments to quantify foaming. These instruments generate foam under controlled conditions and measure in real time how much foam forms over time and how fast it disappears once foam generation has stopped. The quantity of liquid trapped in the foam is also measured.

Standard Features

  • A Cell Size Distribution Analysis Option determines foam cell size, size distribution, and size evolution over time.
  • Shear rate is an essential parameter for foam formation.
  • A range of shear rates is needed to generate foam in a manner similar to the process being studied.
  • Teclis provides four different methods of generating foam from liquid:
    a. Sparging with a gas (FOAMSCAN®)
    b. Stirring at high speed (FOAMSPIN®)
    c. Jet shearing (JETSCAN®)
    d. Agitiation in a washing machine (SIAM®)