Atomic Force Microscopy


The atomic force microscope (AFM) is capable of imaging local material properties such as topology, friction, electrostatic interaction, electrical conductivity, magnetism etc. The image is obtained by scanning a probe over a selected area and detecting the force between the probe and the sample. To obtain the image, AFMs can generally measure the vertical and lateral deflections of the SmartActiveProbe by using an optical lever. A feedback circuit keeps the cantilever-bending constant by adjusting the voltages applied to the x, y, z scanner.


Standard Features

  • Robust mechanical set-up
  • Fully automatic approach
  • x, y, z - cantilever fast scanning head
  • The SmartActiveProbe with integrated drive and readout set-up is coupled with a high-definition video system that gives a direct top view of probe and sample for the precise probe navigation over the sample.
  • Up to 4" sample size in standard configuration
  • Manual or motorized sample positioning stage
  • Active piezoelectrical damping stage (optional)