Binding Affinity, Protein Stability and Quality

Tycho NT.6

Finding out the quality of your protein up front will help you figure out if it's functional, similar to the previous batch you made, or properly stored. With very little effort, you'll make sure you're moving forward with a viable sample, and save yourself from doing have-to-repeat-it-again experiments.

Standard Features

  • Ever wonder if your protein is the same as it was a day or a year ago? Is it even present? Confirm sample quality at any point in your workflow so you know you still have the right protein.
  • Forget dialyzing or doing sample dilutions. Determine the quality of any protein in any type of buffer over a wide range of concentrations.
  • Save scarce bench space for handwork while getting valuable info from a powerful system with a tiny footprint.
  • Generate informative data in 3 minutes fast — it makes deciding what to do next that much easier.
  • Purifying protein for the umpteenth time because you've run out of sample is painful. Not only can checking your protein's quality help you run less experimental parameters later, but it only requires microliters of sample for analysis.